I began my journey into photography almost by accident when my husband bought me a 35-mm film camera for our anniversary a number of years ago. 

I’m from a family of talented artists, musicians and writers, but somehow could never make my brain and fingers work together for any of those skills – thus my tagline, “Some of us just can’t draw.” The camera allows me to make art in a way I’d never been able to accomplish before. It frees me to be creative while not having to force the process. It gives me a view into the world that is sometimes impressionistic, sometimes real. It allows me to “see” something, then take it home and bring out either the original vision or something entirely new in post-processing. I don't call myself a nature photographer, but most of my photography is outdoor - just more eclectic and wide-ranging.

I currently live in Colorado Springs, Colorado, at the foot of Pikes Peak, and close to a variety of contrasting landscapes – from the “14ers” to the plains, from mountains to desert, from high country to rolling hills, from thick forests to shortgrass prairie lands. My husband and I frequently explore these areas, and they’ve provided a number of my favorite images.

I’ve shared many of my images in local, national and international competitions and shows over the past several years. My work has been published in magazines, newsletters and other outlets. I’ve also had images shown in both physical and online galleries and venues.

I’m glad to be able to share my art with you!

Queen of Her Domain - Artist
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Circle Foundation for the Arts

Featured Artist, 2021 (click icon)

NYC4PA, 2021

Got the Shot! Now Get Creative, Juror's Selection, "Misty Sunrise"

The 16th Annual Spider Awards, 2021

Abstract, Nominee, Amateur, "Glowstick Ribbons"

Praxis Gallery, 2021

Monokromatik, Juror's Selection, "Modern Religion"

The 14th Annual Color Awards, 2021

Americana, Honorable Mention, Amateur, "A Welcome Paradox"

Americana, Nominee, Amateur, "Harlequin Ford"

Still Life, Nominee, Amateur, "Pressman's Tools"


Black & White Magazine, Special Issue, February 2021

Flowers/Plants/Fruit, People’s Choice, “Before the Rain”


The 15th Annual Black and White Spider Awards, 2020

Fine Art, Honorable Mention, Amateur, “At the Corner of Love and Abandonment”

Architecture, Nominee, Amateur, “A Welcome Paradox”

Still Life, Nominee, Amateur, “Letterpress Blocks”


The 13th International Color Awards, 2020

Still Life, Honorable Mention, Amateur, "Chain and Rungs"

Americana, Nominated, Amateur, "Bye-Bye!"

Americana, Nominated, Amateur, "Dredge"

Nature, Nominated, Amateur, "Red Rocks Winter (Chaos Theory)"

Praxis Gallery, 2019

Words, Juror’s Selection, “No Outlet”


The 12th Annual Color Awards, 2019

Abstract, Nominee, Amateur, “Phoenix”

Still Life, Nominee, Amateur, “Summer Nasturtiums”


Black & White Magazine, Special Issue, February, 2018

Photojournalism/ Documentary, Single Image Winner, “Modern Religion”


One Eyeland, 2018

Black & White Photography Competition, Bronze Award, “Modern Religion”


South Shore Art Center, Cohasset, Massachusetts, 2018

Black & White Photography Show, “Dry Streams, Southeastern Colorado”


The 11th Annual Color Awards, 2018

Abstract, Honorable Mention, Amateur, “Water Slide”

Abstract, Nominee, Amateur, "Rusty Nuts”

Aerial, Nominee, Amateur, “Harvest-Go-Round”

Americana, Nominee, Amateur, “Sylvester”

Fine Art, Nominee, Amateur, “Sunrise Mist”

The 12th Annual Black and White Spider Awards, 2017

Abstract, Nominee, Amateur,  “Untitled with Water”

Nature, Two (2) Nominees, Amateur, “Before the Rain” and “Path”

[More to come…]