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Favorite Photos from 2023

Here are a few of my favorite images from 2023. Some were included in previous posts. Others were taken in earlier years, but I've been reviewing and re-evaluating these with a view to their artistic strengths, so those earlier captures have been edited, processed, and improved during the year. In random order:

Photo of an abandoned and rusting tractor in a field of wildflowers titled, "Out to Pasture"
Out to Pasture

I was just completely taken with the old kerosene-fired tractor (above) found in the middle of a field of wildflowers on a remote hillside in Wyoming. My husband was so patient while I worked my way all around it, but this is my favorite from all the versions I took.

Art photo of an abandoned and decaying grain elevator in Colorado near sunset, titled "Agriculture Dying"
Agriculture Dying

This near-sunset view of an abandoned grain elevator near Simla, Colorado, is part of a series I'm working on. It represents the fragile state of small farms in some areas by focusing on agricultural structures that are falling into decay due to various pressures. I've selected this particular texture overlay for the photos in the series, which have been taken over the course of several years, so watch for them on my website, with names like "The Old Red Barn," "White Barn Autumn," or "Ranch Windmill" as I add them.

Photo of the inflorescence of a stalk of timothy-grass, a forage plant
One Beautiful Stalk (Timothy Grass)

The photo at the left made me happy because, when I was small, I remember timothy hay being talked about as highly favored for cattle feed. I'd forgotten what the grass looked like, so when I was researching this shot of the inflorescence, or bloom, of the plant, I was pleased that it came out so well and made identification easy; bonus was that we were in the area a few days before the purple florets began to go to seed, which isn't nearly as pretty. Quick class on this grass: Timothy is a cool-season perennial pasture grass that grows rapidly in a number of northern habitats, but needs consistent moisture. Cut as hay, it's excellent feed for cattle and horses, and when mixed with alfalfa, the resulting hay or pellets are nutritious for a number of animals including sheep, guinea pigs and rabbits. When conditions are right, several cuttings can be made in a season. I found this small stand of timothy high in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming (at around 9000 feet) after a very rainy spring, possibly as part of a seeding for erosion control.

 I wasn't thrilled with any of the landscapes I took during the year, so we'll stick with this intimate landscape of the base of Treasure Falls between South Fork and Pagosa Springs

Art photo of the base of Treasure Falls along Wolf Creek Pass, Colorado
Treasure Falls

along Wolf Creek Pass, Colorado. I took the photo in 2022, but have worked on it a bit more this year, and like this final result.

Photo of a bull elk right after a mudbath
All Bathed and Slicked Up and Ready to Dance (Mudbath Elk)

And finally, a wildlife image to share. This is from several years ago, but recently, I delved into trying to make it look better than my actual capture. Originally, the bull elk's face was too dark to see any detail and blended into the pine branches behind him. In addition, the grass and mountain slope in the distance, which were in sunlight, were distractingly bright. I hope this version is eye-appealing. This bull elk had just wallowed in a muddy place in the meadow behind him and was following a much larger bull and harem of cows. As you can see, he bathed and slicked his hair nicely, but was too shy to introduce himself, only looking on from a distance.

Additionally, this link (, click on Amateur Winner Videos, "Americana") will give you a look at my color version of "Modern Religion" (casino sign and church), which won First Place, Outstanding Achievement in the 16th Annual International Color Awards, Amateur Americana category.

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