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Photography with a Teardrop

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

Travel with a teardrop camper made it much easier to have opportunities for photography during the pandemic.

Galley space of a teardrop camper

After the lockdowns began last year, we started figuring out how we'd continue to get outdoors, enjoy the natural world and find opportunities for me to continue to take photos. We'd also decided we're now too old to continue tenting, so a search began in earnest to locate a teardrop camper. We found one just before (it seemed like) everyone else in the world had the same idea!

True teardrop camping #teardropcamping involves being willing to 'rough it' without a bathroom on board and to minimize equipment to the extent possible in order to squeeze into a very small space. But we love the custom-built camper we found, and the galley at the rear is certainly good-looking and roomy. Although, we have discovered that moving cups, the salt and pepper shakers, and other items taller than the bottom of the galley doors must become second nature!

Teardrop camper and tow vehicle after dark with a campfire

The teardrop gives us freedom to be where we want to be when we're ready to go. Especially when we want to be around the fewest people possible, it's our comfortable 'bed and breakfast' on location where I can (hopefully!) find great subjects for photography.

In spite of fire restrictions throughout most of Colorado during the year, some counties had less restrictive measures in place, so our favorite spot became this one and we went back several times during the summer. The camper proved to be convenient, as well as

Camping with a teardrop

comfortable, and above all, a great addition to our 2020 'summer-of-Covid' program.

I'll be sharing more "Travels with Minnie" over the next few weeks and months as I catch up on what I was able to do in spite of the pandemic and will include some of the images I found along the way. Since it now appears the pandemic will be holding us hostage longer than we'd originally hoped, I'll be adding images and stories from this summer's travels too. I hope you'll enjoy the ride! #photography #NaturePhotography #TravelswithMinnie

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