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Room Views for Art Prints

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

We've officially put away the teardrop camper for the winter. We cleaned and oiled all the interior woodwork (which is now beautifully golden!) and conditioned the rubberized central and roof area of the exterior. But because of the warmer-than-usual weather, I would certainly have enjoyed one more trip with it!

Since the camper has been put away, I've been working intensely on my updated and completely revised website. One feature I decided would be useful to viewers and clients is 'room views' featuring my images. This project turned out to be fun for me, and much more time-consuming than I'd expected -- simply because I enjoyed it so much!

Two abstract prints seen in an informal sitting area
Two abstracts in an informal room

Each image on the site shows at least one view in a hypothetical room setting. This is really useful, especially since many of my abstract images look so much better in situ than when simply shown on a web page. Room views also make it easier to visualize arrangements with more than one image, or a single image split into multiple sections.

Sunset photo triptych in living room
Sunset photo triptych in formal living room
Canyon Rim Sunset cropped above side table
Cropped image

I experimented quite a lot with cropping and sizing because it can be difficult to pre-visualize when looking at an image on a website. In addition, I could place multiple images in a 'room' to show how they work together to form a theme or harmonious whole.

Four images representing the seasons above a desk
Image grouping

This entire project was undertaken due to my desire to provide a way that presents my images so that you, the viewer, have a better idea of how to include them in your home, office or commercial space. Please contact me at if you have questions or ideas you want to brainstorm.

These room views can be found as additional images within the product pages on my website, I hope they'll provide ideas, inspiration and incentive for your own beautification projects.

As a final note, I keep visualizing different approaches and will likely revise and update my room views periodically, and I'm adding new images to my website frequently. I'm also beginning to explore using an app that will allow viewing my images in your space. So be sure to check back at to see what I may have changed!

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