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Self-Imposed Deadlines and Other Grumbles

Long ago, when I was a girl, my grandmother had a plaque that said, "The hurrier I go, the behinder I get." That often seems to be my life. When I started updating my website, I promised myself I'd put together a blog post at least once a month. So far, I've (mostly) kept that promise. This month, I just realized I need to do some additional research on my planned post, and I'm suddenly down to my deadline! What to write about???

Abstract image of train cars
"Train" from the series, At the Speed of Life

The purpose of my self-imposed deadline here is twofold. I want to improve my writing skills, and I want to try to diminish my procrastination skills. So far, the procrastination skills are still working overtime! So is my [self-diagnosed] ADD (I actually have no idea if I have ADD; maybe it's simply laziness and a lack of focus). But my ability to keep on task has been terrible during the pandemic, although I can't really blame it completely. I've always been a better employee than my own boss. I always preferred to read rather than do homework; to be out driving and walking and taking pictures rather than sitting at the computer post-processing those images; and even vacuuming floors rather than working on my taxes. So, I'm grumbling as I go about trying to come up with a not-quite-ridiculous blog post.

Collage of 9 images of 2 hot-air balloons with different texture effects
"What Fun!"

On a more positive note, here is an older project I worked on for a competition several years ago. It was an attempt to take a single image and see how many ways I could make the original photo look different by using different texture effects and processes. It was accepted into the show, which was certainly gratifying; however, I haven't done anything quite like this since then. As the title indicates, the idea of hot-air ballooning seems like fun (and no, I haven't tried it - my camera is afraid of heights!), and the project was a fun learning experience for me. I also ended up liking several of these as stand-alone images, although they aren't on my website just yet. Another self-imposed deadline: post those images this week.

Photo image of window box of orange flowers on a wall above a pretty chair

I'm attempting to get to know a new image processing app as well, with the hope that it will give me a boost of inspiration. Maybe I'm just in the end-of-winter doldrums creatively. And working on 2021 tax preparation has not been helping my mood at all. Fortunately, that task will be done soon - but in the meantime, I'm grumbling. In Colorado, we're in one of our four roller-coaster weather seasons; today has been really spring-like and pretty; but I'm here typing instead of walking. Actually, I love the weather in Colorado. I seldom grumble about our weather because we have such a wonderful variety - I've literally experienced warm sunshine, rain, sleet and thundersnow within an hour!

This post has certainly not been particularly focused - just about as random as the images I've included. But I do have to say this image of a window box full of nasturtiums always makes me smile. Maybe it's because the pretty flowers seem to have overcome some pretty long odds in that container in front of a house I believe was empty, and that they were not only blooming but appeared to be thriving. That somehow feels like many of my friends during the pandemic - dealing with some pretty tough changes to their lives, but finding ways to thrive in spite of it. Can't grumble about that!

I hope you'll check out the rest of my website,, for images for your home, office or commercial space. I'm available if you have questions, comments, critiques or just want to say, "Hi." Please use the Contact page, or enter your email in the Sign Up to Stay Connected space. #art #interiordesign #interiordecor #interiorstyling #wallart #photoart #artforsale #buyart

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